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Greece has produced streamlined legislation to create an efficient process by which non-EU residents may obtain a residence permit based on investment. It is considered one of the most affordable residency by investment routes to Europe


Live, Work or Study in Greece
Visa Free Travel in 26 Schengen countries
Freehold on Real Estate
No relocation required
Free access for public schools and health system
Family reunification alloweded

In order to obtain Residence Permit Visa (Investor Visa) you need to meet the following investment requirements:

Invest in Greek real estate valued at a minimum of 250.000 Euro
Clean Criminal Records
Investor has to be above 18 years old


a) Purchase Real Estate in total value equal or greater than:

  • 250.000 Euro (Two hundred and fifty thousand Euro) in one of the 3 options:

Investment Option #1: Real Estate Property Purchase. The applicant invests in property at a minimum value of 250.000 Euro in any part of the country. Both residential and commercial buildings are eligible.

Investment Option #2: Timeshare Agreement. Instead of purchasing a property, an applicant may choose to sign a 10 year time-share agreement, provided the minimum value of this lease is 250.000 Eur.

Investment Option #3: Plot of Land Purchase. The third investment option entails the purchase of a plot of land, the value of this transaction must also total at least 250.000 Euro. Counting towards this sum are the value of the land plus the value of the development contract signed with a construction company.

Whatever your choice shall be, you are fully entitled to buy one or more properties regardless of the type (residential, commercial and etc.) of property. Investors are free to choose from Residential, Commercial, Rural or Plots properties. The investment amount is a net amount. Additionally, you will need to consider the Property taxes on top of this value (maximum level for transfer tax on residential properties is 3.1%, Land registration Fees is bellow 1% and Notary fees 1.2-1.4%. As of 01/01/2006 (in respect to buildings for which the building permit was issued after the said date), a VAT of 24 percent is imposed on the purchase value on the first sale of newly built buildings by a manufacturer, or by a person who deals professionally with the construction and the sale of buildings.). You are free to live in or rent out your property, it can always be a source of your income.

In order to obtain Residence Permit Visa (Investor Visa) you need to meet the following investment requirements:

An Investor Visa is granted only to foreign individuals (non-EU citizens) who fulfill the following requirements for a minimum period of 5 years. This residence permit (Article 20B, Law 4251/2014, as it stands) can be renewed every 5 years provided you are still the owner of the property.

Download Free Ebook Greece Golden Vsa