Citizenship and Residence Permit by Investment. Real Estate with Benefits.

DUALCITI is a tech-enabled Investment Company that focuses on High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) which are looking for Investment in Real Estate with benefits.

The number of HNWI has never been higher (17M). However growth comes from Countries with severe travel visa restrictions. These sophisticated buyers look for Freedom of travel (Visa), Retirement backup solution, Tax efficient reallocation places, Ensuring next generations and Geographical Diversification of their portfolio.

So we built a 1-Stop-Shop for HNWI in 2015 in Portugal and 2017 in Dubai and 2019 in Cyprus, Spain and Greecethat aggregates 5 core competences: Real Estate know how, property management, legal citizenship application, legal residence permit, legal paperwork for real estate, after sales ensuring zero hassles for owners.

We have simplified and removed the fears out of investing in a new country where you do not have any experience. We deliver: Assurance, Success guarantees, Tax efficiency, Hassle-free, Profitable investments, Easy Exit strategy.

Where do want to go?

We have found a huge opportunity: to become World’s #1 Investment with Citizenship Benefits 1-stop-shop.

We believe that if properly served (better service, better information, digital solution, remove fear) this market can grow 10x.

We aim to broaden our Value Proposition by having exclusive portfolio in key markets. And our Long Term Vision is to build a Full stack Real estate with Benefits Platform for HNWI.B