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Project Maçãs: 110 apartments spread across 2 buildings. There are 64 studios, each with an area of 35m², and 46 one-bedroom apartments, each with an area of 68m².

Project Cabriz: 10 plots of land with sizes ranging from 500m² to 795m² allocated for the construction of 10 upscale villas. The total built area of the properties is 267m²

Project Fontanelas: 20 plots of land ranging from 500m² to 860m² used to build 20 luxury villas. The total useful area of the villas is 183m² and the total built area is 236m²

Project Gouveia: 6 luxury villas built on 6 plots of land ranging from 520m² to 790m². The total useful area of the villas is 146m² and the total built area is 184m²

Under Management

Dualciti Invest manages assets totalling €281 million, which consist of:

Approximately 400 income-generating assets worth €160 million,

A development portfolio of around 160 units worth €110 million, and

A fund management division with funds worth €11 million

The yielding portfolio has been carefully constructed to maximize returns. The development portfolio consists of properties already completed or that are under development

Dualciti Invest recognizes the importance of diversification and plans to expand into new markets and segments, ensuring a varied and resilient portfolio

Investment Companies Under Management Backed by Funds


  • Fund acquisition of 10% stake in the company in Dec 2019
  • The Fund provided €3,000,000 shareholder loan with 7.5% interest until Dec 2020 and 5% until 2022
  • Company successfully repaid €225,000 to the fund by end of 2021, showing operational success
  • In 2021, sales reached €4,283,000; company purchased 15 properties and sold 13, and refurbished 8 properties with sales expected in H2 2022


  • Fund acquisition of a 10% stake in the company in Mar 2021. Purchase of  real estate proprieties for remodelling and resale
  • The Fund provided a shareholder loan of €1.5 million with a 5% interest rate
  • The company had revenues of €2.5 million in 2021
  • In 2022, the company purchased 11 properties worth €2 million and sold 12 properties. It remained with 2 properties being refurbished, with sales expected to conclude in Q3 2022


  • Fund acquisition of 10% stake in the company owner of “Beja Residences”. The project consists of 29 flats in Beja, requiring light refurbishment, for a total cost of €5,010,000
  • Company issued bonds worth €4,700,000 with a fixed 12% interest rate over 24 months
  • Average acquisition price per unit, including refurbishment, is €119/m²
  • Median sale price per square meter expected to be €1250-1600/m² (average €1450/m²)


  • Fund acquisition of 10% stake in the company in Dec 2021
  • Fund financed Project Madeira with €1.5 million for acquiring and refurbishing 80 tourist accommodations, 2-year duration
  • Project located in prime Funchal area, World’s Leading Island Destination, with swimming pool and restaurant
  • Convertible loan with 10% interest rate expected to last approximately 1 year, converting to equity if €1.8 million not repaid in 2 years

Achievements of our Team

Private Bond

Private bond solution to  fund acquisition and investments (capex), of a real estate company

REV 25 mn

Fund Launching

Advisory to support the fund raising, set up a Multi Let Industrial Fund and perform the underwriting of the assets

20 mn of total assets

Bridge Loan

Advisory to assist  in the source of a Bridge Loan for the acquisition of a CRE single name and  granular REO portfolio

REV € 421 mn

Sell-side advisor

Sell-side advisor  on the  divestment of REO portfolio including  land CRE 

REV € 500 mn

Sell-side advisor

Sell-side advisor o in the sale of a granular mixed REO  Portfolio

REV   € 700 mn

Buy-side advisor

Buy-side advisor in acquisition of a SME NPL and REO Portfolio

€ 1 bn of total assets

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